It is exceedingly difficult finding agronomists who are well versed with equine dietary needs, especially those of native ponies. Lordington Park Agronomy were clearly the leaders in this field in the UK. It was an utter breath of fresh air speaking to someone who sung from the same hymn sheet as us when it came to the dietary needs of native pony breeds. We were able to better understand paddock maintenance, care and improvement stratergies for the long term.
Jonathan is a very warm and friendly person who is passionate about his trade and very easy to communicate with. We felt that his responses to emails were incredibly swift and answers very concise and knowledgable. We experienced a level of experience in our particular area of interest (creating pasture suitable for native pony breeds) which filled us with a great deal of confidence and trust in the service. I would very strongly recommend LPA to others. We felt that no stone was left unturned and that help was always at hand for every question we had. We pay a great deal of attention to what we feed our animals and horse pasture is often so very lacking in certain elements and nutrients, or subpar in its general health. No matter what sort of ground you are on LPA will make it the very best it can be to ensure the most efficient and healthy grazing possible.

K. Fennessy, Oldeworlde Stud, 1-09-2017

Jonathan and his team were very efficient; all tasks were completed on time then arranged. Full explanations were given before all procedures and why they were necessary. Lordington Park Agronomy assessed the current state of the paddocks and suggested how they could be improved for the long-term benefit of my ponies. Then put all these suggestions into practice. I would definitely recommend LPA, Jonathan is very good at assessing your needs, what you have got and finding a way to marry the two.

Julie Axup, 25-09-2013

Heard Jonathan giving a lecture to a packed house of more than 200 people on Growing Happy Horses – a very informative and engaging lecture. Working with Lordington Park Agronomy was successful due to its obvious knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for generating productive environments for our horses. Jonathan did what he said, offering great explanations of what sounds a complicated subject. Don’t waste time, go for it!

Paul Harrison

I was lucky to find Lordington Park Argrononomy after clicking around the internet asking for paddock maintenance and was referred to Jonathan. He offers an educated & enthusiastic approach and the result was more than expected. If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy or not, I would say ‘do it’!

Toni Biglin,13-06-2014

Lordington Park Agronomy was recommended to me by a friend. After a detailed discussion with Jonathan and lots of great explanation of how he could help, we decided to proceed. Jonathan provided a practical solution to problems and explained everything in a way that we could understand. We were given great advice to improve our pasture. If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy, we would say “Yes, speak to Jonathan”!

Mr and Mrs Wills, 25-05-2014

Lordington Park Agronomy was recommended to me by a friend. His specialisation was specific to an equine environment and had a similar philosophy and attitude to ours.

Lordington Park Agronomy provided confident advice, a comprehensive report and suggestions.

If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy I would encourage them to do so.

Verity and Tom Megginson, 25-05-2014

Jonathan is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about both agronomy and the equine. He discusses sensible options in layman’s terms for his clients to achieve a better understanding. He applied his knowledge and experience in a pragmatic and helpful manner. Jonathan will provide you with the help you need to fulfil a pragmatic and ultimately time and cost saving plan to give your horses a happy healthy and natural lifestyle. I think in the horse world we can be guilty of going for the ‘quick fix’ approach – supplementing our horse’s diet with hay/hard feed. Jonathan looks deeper than that to give you a natural healthier and happier alternative for your animals. I would recommend anyone to look at the bigger picture and make the investment.

Kim Beavon Carlton, 22-11-2013

We selected Lordington Park Agronomy (LPA) as they are highly regarded within the industry. It is rare to have a particular speciality in deer and managing the ground to maxmise the potential, where a generic agronomist would not have been so beneficial. We needed a specialist agronomist with the deer knowledge and background to understand what we were trying to achieve and give us the most appropriate recommendations. Jonathan provided all the key information in a simple format for us to understand with a no-nonsense approach and was very honest with what he thought was worthwhile and would have been a waste of money. I would highly recommend Jonathan at LPA; he is a true gentleman and an honest and straightforward person to work with. What is great about Jonathan is his obvious passion and enthusiasm for soil science and achieving the best from each site. It is clear he really enjoys it and, consequently, you know he is really working for you to the best of his abilities to get the most out of the ground. He will provide you with exactly what you need to know.


Dominic Strutt - Deer Park, 03/07/2016

New to farming and inexperienced, we did not know the condition of our fields, but realised something was lacking when comparing to some others. Preferred this checked properly before taking what could be the wrong action. With assistance from soil sample laboratory tests, LPA identified lacking resources in the ground and sward quality, reduced grass productivity, ground nutrients level unsupportive of growth and low yield of hay fields, pasture with low nutrients not satisfying stock. LPA prescribed a treatment plan. Jonathan is easy to talk to, direct, honest & to the point. Refreshing and scientific / knowledge approach of land management.The explanation was not rushed and LPA took the time to explain properly to us the various elements of the soil sample results and, without compromising the standards sought, the cost effective treatment to improve and a reasonable time scale to achieve this. Also development of a long term plan for our fields. I would most certainly recommend Lordington Park Agronomy to others.


Andy Pearman - agricultural grassland farmer, 02/09/2017

I chose to work with Lordington Park Agronomy for my project after a Deer Demonstration Day at Strathdon. I enjoyed and liked your approach to the science of getting soils and plants to work together. After working with Lordington Park Agronomy to map out a plan for improvements with supporting reasons, I have a clear understanding of what we need to do and what we have to work with. I would say to potential clients that if they wanted to understand why various improvements need to be made, you are the right man and I look forward to a continued relationship.


David Brown, 06-10-2014

I chose to work with Lordington Park Agronomy after the Deer Demonstration Day at Strathdon where my eyes were opened as to what grass needs and how it affects growth in deer. Jonathan was very interesting to listen to, and was very keen to improve grassland for deer farmers. I thought that Lordington Park Agronomy and myself could build a good working relationship to improve the grassland, get me thinking how soils work and find out what happens in the soil. I know I will see the results soon. I would say to potential clients that they are missing out on getting a clear plan that will work for you and your animals, if they don’t use Lordington Park Agronomy.

Henry Smith, 12-09-2014

I selected Lordington Park Agronomy for my project for its holistic view of soil management in relation to deer and enthusiastic, infectious approach. If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy, I would advise them to go ahead.


Nicholas Poett, 11-09-2014

I had witnessed Lordington Park Agronomy’s enthusiasm and clear ‘passion’ for the subject and I wanted a thorough and ‘interested’ approach to my farms situation. I now have a bespoke five-year plan to improve my farm’s sward and increased my knowledge and understanding of what the farm has / and what it needs – a plan of action that is achievable and proportional. If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy, ask to see a finished report for a client like me – it’s an excellent advertisement.

Rupert Shaw, 09-09-2014