Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops, Healthy Profits


Helping farmers, as well as equine and deer grassland owners,
understand, interact and balance their soils and crops/ pasture
grass to help preserve the environment and boost productivity.

We help establish sustainable and profitable environments
that contribute to the reduction of atmospheric CO2.


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Introducing Lordington Park Agronomy

Led by Jonathan ‘The Pasture Professor’ Holmes, a leading Albrecht Soil Scientist and Agroecologist, Lordington Park Agronomy specialises in equine and deer grassland management, and conservation agriculture for arable environments. We also provide maintenance of greens and sports grounds.

We can help customise your soil’s fertility and grass species to satisfy the optimum nutritional requirements of your animals and farming needs. The resulting increase in plant-soil interaction benefits all animals, reduces costs and increases health and productivity.

From our base in Yorkshire, we assist farmers of the future across the UK and beyond to holistically increase food production by adopting sustainable farming practices to increase nutrient supply, soil structure and, ultimately, profits. 

We can also help with paddock weed control, fertilising paddocks, grassland maintenance, ragwort control, buttercup control, seed drilling and grass renovation.

Jonathan Holmes Agronomist and Soil Expert

I witnessed Lordington Park Agronomy’s enthusiasm and clear ‘passion’ for the subject and I wanted a thorough and ‘interested’ approach to my farms situation. 

I now have a bespoke five-year plan to improve my farm’s sward and increased my knowledge and understanding of what the farm has and what it needs – a plan of action that is achievable and proportional.

If a potential client was deciding whether to work with Lordington Park Agronomy, ask to see a finished report for a client like me – it’s an excellent advertisement.

Rupert Shaw

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