Yorkshire-based Lordington Park Agronomy is delighted to work with clients across the UK. This year, we’ve travelled up to Scotland, down to Kent and over to Wales to inspect various paddocks and grassland and undertake soil testing.

But we recognise that time is not always on the side of our busy clients and finding a mutually suitable time to visit is no mean feat.

Which is why we also offer a ‘DIY Soil Testing Service’ – we send you a kit with all you need to take samples of your soil and grass and then all you have to do is send it directly to laboratory for analysis in the pre-paid packaging provided.

At LPA, we partner with a leading laboratory in Pocklington to process all our soil samples. Soil classification is analysed using particle size and the constituent parts are analysed to determine the exact nutrient status in line with the Albrecht soil analysis system.

We then analyse your results to translate them in to a meaningful language that then allows us to work with you to create a sward management programme.

This is how we recently worked with Sarah Gill down in Cornwall…

In March 2017, 63-year-old Sarah purchased a seven-acre field in Cornwall to build stables and keep her own three horses on. Although she has owned horses since 2003, they were kept in livery and she had never been responsible for land management.

Sarah explains: “I immediately began seeking ways to improve the land and had a catalogue of different responses and information. However, I wanted advice from an equine source, so I started searching the internet which is how I found Lordington Park Agronomy.”

“I liked Jonathan’s approach using the science of soil. I wanted a long-term approach not just a quick fix. The soil analysis has given me a clear idea of what the needs and further advice on management on nettles and weeds around the edge of the pasture.”

“I have applied magnesium to all pastures and purchased a quad, harrow and topper to self-manage pastures. It is good for me to be working to goals and have a long-term aim of getting the best equine pasture possible for my horses.”

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