Lordington Park Agronomy has chosen Hope Pastures as its Charity of the Year – supporting the horse & donkey sanctuary
to help animals live their best lives healthily.

Hope Pastures in Leeds rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses, ponies and donkeys in need and gives people the chance to meet the animals and learn how to look after them.

From April, Lordington Park Agronomy will commit its annual fundraising efforts to help the charity and aims to help increase awareness throughout the following year to raise essential funds towards the prevention of suffering of equine animals, and to improve and save lives.

Hope PasturesJonathan Holmes, owner of Lordington Park Agronomy, says: “We’re delighted to choose Hope Pastures as our charity of the year for the next 12 months. Everybody involved in Hope Pastures gives up a tremendous amount of time and puts in a lot of effort into giving horses the best life that they can.”

“We have been working closely with Hope Pastures over the past year to help the sanctuary get the best from its grassland and are so impressed with its care for all its animals. By nature, the area is a very sandy loam environment that is acidic and low in nutrients, so we’ve developed a long-term management plan to increase sustainability and productivity of the grassland.”

Leonnie Martin, manager at Hope Pastures, says: “We are so delighted that Lordington Park Agronomy has chosen Hope Pastures to benefit from all their fundraising activities. At Hope Pastures we strive to give animals the love, care and environment that they deserve.”

“Our main focus is on helping all rescue equines to find a forever home, as well as helping to advise, educate and enlighten the wider community to ensure that horses, ponies and donkeys are cared for to maintain their physical and nutritional health and their psychological wellbeing.”

“However, we do meet some equines along this journey that for one reason or another will never leave the sanctuary and our stabling and pastures will be their safe place and forever home. To facilitate this side of our work, we have been working with Lordington Park Agronomy to improve our grazing pastures and to offer our animals the most appropriate grass and horse friendly herb types to ensure our residents remain as healthy as possible and given the demands of limited inner-city land.”

“We currently have 26 residents and of those 14 of them are not suitable for re-homing and will remain here in their forever home, greeting visitors and living their best life, so we have needed the support and knowledge of Lordington Park Agronomy to ensure that managing our equines on our pastures is done to the best of our ability.”