Lordington Park Agronomy specialises in utilising the Albrecht system of soil investigation to find out what is happening in your soil so that we can increase fertility in a way that is evolutionary and sustainable for the future.

Dr William Albrecht PhD (1888-1974) – an American agronomist who became chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri – saw a direct link between soil quality, food quality and human health.

He conducted lengthy research into the relationship between the Base Cation Saturation ratio (cations are positively charged elements, for example Calcium; Potash; Magnesium) and the colloidal clay in the soil.

Much of his research in the 1930s centered on investigating why certain pastures and, therefore the stock fed on it, thrived, while the stock fed on poor pasture struggled and were prone to a higher incident of disease. This led to his comprehensive soil analysis methodology.

The majority of current fertiliser practice is centered on supplying a short-term crop deficiency rather than the Albrecht principle of measuring and then correcting the imbalance in the soil to allow the soil to provide the essential nutrition for the crop.

Then, as now, the organic matter content of the soil plays a significant part in creating a sustainable environment for food production. Most arable land will have had the life ploughed out of it over decades, and as a result the crops will have to rely heavily on artificial fertilisers.

Fortunately, most grassland will contain an extraordinarily high level of organic matter because the natural cycle of growth and decay that has been allowed to prevail.

The organic matter provides the engine for soil fertility, and therefore grass production. It is quite likely that the soil will be unable to provide the nutrition for the grass because of the natural imbalances that will occur in the soil over time. Measuring these imbalances in the soil utilising the Albrecht system and creating a sward improvement plan will rectify this situation to create a sustainable environment for the grass and the stock grazed on it will be able to thrive.

The standard soil analysis will confirm what is there in the soil, but not what is available for plants to utilise. Just testing for P, K, Mg & pH as per the standard test is better than nothing, but only just!

LP Agronomy utilises the Albrecht model of soil interpretation in determining soil balance and to practice sound soil management. Do get in touch to discuss how we can work with you.