Agronomy is ‘the science of soil management and crop production’ and this is exactly what we practice at Lordington Park Agronomy.

We adopt an integrated approach to Conservation Agriculture by using Albrecht (Kinsey) soil science to confirm the parameters to utilise, and then we develop a practical strategy to implement profitable crop / stock productivity.

Albrecht (Kinsey) soil science is exploited to explain the interactions between the soil mineral particles (sand/ silt/ clay) and the nutrition to assess what is achievable within those confines for profitable crop / stock production.

Utilising the analysed soil parameters and considering the prevailing topography and weather patterns can predict the likely impact on crops/ stock grazed there.

We take historic organic principles from the late 1800s of sustainability and environmental harmony and then complement that philosophy with modern soil science and appropriate fertiliser.

Crucially, for stock farmers or animal owners, we introduce the ideal grass species that will thrive in the soil type and will promote health and wellbeing of animals that graze there.

This ideal can be enhanced further with Companion Species that provide extra nutrition for animals to easily utilise that is plant derived, rather than man-made.


For arable farmers, we explain how to use Cover Crops to protect and improve the soil, as well as contribute to moisture retention.

A comprehensive analytical survey of your prevailing soil’s ability to sustain the sward (upper layers of soil covered in grass) typically involves assessing the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil as this  determines its ability to sustain healthy crops.

From this soil and tissue analysis we can also generate a cost-effective Fertiliser regimen.

Jonathan Holmes: Albrecht Soil Scientist & Agroecologist

Jonathan Holmes Agronomy

Jonathan is an independent agronomist and university lecturer in agriculture, as well as a teacher of BASIS & FACTS. His students nickname him The Pasture Professor!

Specialising in equine and deer sward management, Jonathan strives to increase the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals, such as horses and deer.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate; Jonathan is a popular speaker at agricultural conferences and events, such as Groundswell and for the British Deer Farms and Parks Association.

He interests focus on establishing sustainable and profitable farming environments for arable and grassland farmers that also contribute to the reduction of atmospheric CO2. Current projects involve assessing the environmental and financial benefits of root colonisation with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.

When he’s not knee-deep in soil, Jonathan can be found hiking with his dogs or judging gundog trails.

British Deer Farms and Parks Association
British Horse Society
British Deer Society
British Grassland Society

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