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About Lordington Park Agronomy

Agronomy is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “the science of soil management and crop production” and this is exactly what we practice at Lordington Park Agronomy.

We take the historic organic principles from the late 1800s of sustainability and environmental harmony and then complement that philosophy with modern soil science, appropriate fertiliser and, crucially, the ideal grass species that will promote health and wellbeing.

Once that concept has been implemented this ideal is then enhanced further with Companion Species that provide extra nutrition for animals to easily utilise that is plant derived, rather than man-made.

We carry out a comprehensive analytical survey of your prevailing soil’s ability to sustain the sward (upper layers of soil covered in grass). This analysis would involve assessing the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil as this is determines the soil’s ability to supply nutrition to the grass.

From this analysis we can generate a cost-effective Fertiliser regimen.


Meet Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan, founder and owner of Lordington Park Agronomy, is a leading specialist in equine, deer and agricultural grassland management.

His aim is to empower the farmers of the future with the knowledge to increase food production through practical demonstrations or lectures that are tailored to their requirements.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, Jonathan specialises in equine and deer sward management to help increase the health, well-being and productivity of horses and deer.

Jonathan Holmes Agronomy
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